Barbie Mania: La Mejor Colección de Muñecas Barbie en Colaboración con ToysRUs

Barbie has always been a famous figure, and with the new release of the movie «Barbie,» the promotion is stronger than ever. It seems like every brand wants to be a part of the Barbie reality, and Toys»R» Us has joined the fun with an incredible collection of Barbie dolls that brings the magic of Barbie Land right to your home. Whether you’re a lifelong Barbie fan or just starting to appreciate her timeless style, these limited-time collaborations will let you enjoy the Barbiecore aesthetic while still being affordable. We at Discountrey have made an effort to make this Barbie adventure available to everyone, simply activate this offer to get 20% back from Discountrey .

Wonders in Dreamtopia with Barbie and her Friends

Transport yourself to the magical universe of Dreamtopia with these captivating Barbie doll outfits. Immerse yourself in a dream world where mermaids, fairies and princesses come to life. Live supernatural experiences with Barbie, Ken, Teresa, Steven, Chelsea and their adorable animal companions. These playsets are ideal for imaginative play and come with charming accessories that enhance the storytelling experience. Don’t miss out on these fantastic sets that will keep you entertained for hours!

Barbie Professions Collection

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Inspire the future with the Barbie Careers Collection. Release your inner desire and explore a universe of unlimited possibilities through different Barbie dolls and career-themed playsets. From a pioneering astronaut exploring the universe to a talented veterinarian caring for adorable creatures, these dolls show attractive career paths for young minds. Foster dreams and goals as you play with these heartwarming Barbie dolls, proving that girls can be anything they want with dedication.

Fashionistas Catwalk

Enter the elegant universe of the Barbie Fashionistas Collection. Express your unique style with a wide range of Barbie dolls, each celebrating uniqueness and inclusivity. Combine trendy outfits, accessories and hairstyles to create runway-worthy looks. Embrace diversity and authenticity with these wonderful dolls that promote the importance of being true to yourself.

Superheroines who change everything

Join the ranks of strong superheroines with the Barbie Superheroine Collection. Channel your inner strength and bravery as you go on exciting adventures with these brave Barbie dolls. From flying across the skies to using their superpowers to save the world, these champions prove that girls can be powerful forces for good. Collect them all and let your imagination run wild as you create your own epic heroine stories.

Ultimate Accessories for Barbie

Complete your Barbie Doll Collection with Barbie Accessories. Transform Barbie’s reality into a bustling city with the Super Band, a luxurious dream home perfect for her adventures. Design your dream house with the Super House set, which includes several spaces for Barbie to relax and entertain her friends. Plus, don’t forget about the Pet Clinic, where Barbie can care for her adorable furry companions with love and compassion. These playsets add depth and excitement to your playtime with Barbie, making it even more fun.


Happy Moments with Barbie!